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About us

About our hosting

dopuna.Net is connected to the Netrouting backbone. Netrouting was built to optimize responsetime, latency and uptime. Netrouting is connected to various carriers and internet exchanges, using the the BGP-4 protocol to select the fastest connection available.

Using new technology

For our customers only the best is good enough, this account focuses on quality

  • Intel i7-965 with 8MB L3 cache
  • 16 GB ECC memory / RAM
  • Unlimited GB Harddrive space
  • RAID configuration for better perfomance
  • Unlimited bandwith

Comitment with our partner

In working together with our partner your way to success is assured. Let your idea space you really need to get to their destination. The path is the goal and dopuna. Net paves the way for you

The leader in the industry are common on your side to success. Years of experience, research and development are now available to you

  • Live demo

    View on the demo site, try out some of our tools, and see what dopuna.Net Hosting can offer you.

  • Our Team

    problems with the server, we are here to help!  Don't hesitate to contact us!.


    To make your site a Hot, appealing psetiocima, contact us for advice


    The production design, problems related to design, how to improve your site design and many other issues on the design you will find the answers right here!


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